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Contract Initiatives



PRI has demonstrated our dedication to achieving health equity through an array of contracts since 2009. Most recently, we led the Beneficiary Care Management Program (BCMP), an initiative in which we helped qualified Medicare beneficiaries and their families become active partners in their own healthcare. By targeting Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSAs) and rural populations through care management services on a national level, we were able to reduce 30-day hospital readmissions by 9.18% and 30-day emergency room readmissions by 4.37%.


Corporate Commitment


PRI is committed to empowering and providing economic stability in the Erie community, a region in the country that includes the poorest zip code in the United States. We moved our corporate headquarters to downtown Erie in 2015, and our location is only three blocks away from the aforementioned poorest zip code. With this move, we committed to employing 35% of our employees from Historically Underutilized Business Zones (HUBZones). As defined by the Small Business Administration, HUBZones are regions with high poverty levels and unemployment rates. PRI strives to be a change agent by improving our region’s economy.



In 2016, PRI developed an employment program through the creation of PRI Community. PRI Community's purpose is to provide resources for improvement. By providing employment opportunities and contributing the services of our employees to our community, PRI Community is dedicated to improving the public good. Because addressing health equity begins at the community level, PRI Community works with churches, neighborhood groups, and local organizations to provide services such as construction, landscaping, housekeeping, and snow removal. Not only does this provide opportunities for others, but it also improves our community. By creating improvement within the community, it inspires others to make improvements in their own properties and lives. PRI Community serves as a change agent through our employment program and addressing the social determinants of health. Please view our video for additional information.

Visit PRI Community’s website at

PRI Community


Again, as a commitment to health equity and facilitating change to achieve such, PRI has made corporate investments to develop and offer training opportunities for physicians and healthcare providers to learn best practices in engaging patients at the community level. We engage nationally-known speakers and facilitators to deliver courses aimed at educating providers on achieving health equity. These courses are jointly sponsored by The Maryland State Medical Society (MedChi) to allow physicians and healthcare providers to earn Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits and are offered at no charge to the provider. To participate in our free CME webinars, create an account on the PRI Training website.



PRI’s approach to cultural competency is based on our mission and value statements. Our goal is to instill integrity into the healthcare system from both program and clinical perspectives, which is accomplished through our healthcare experts with varied backgrounds. We celebrate diversity through the services that we offer and the expertise of our people. We are a stronger and more culturally aware organization because of our diverse workforce and our ability to relate to the communities and people that we serve. Because our services are provided on a national level, cultural diversity is naturally embraced and acknowledged.

CME Courses
Cultural Competency
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